Perhaps the greatest way in which Lord of Life can provide hope for each person is through Prayer opportunities and activities. Our congregation is a "praying Church" trusting and believing in the power of the Lord to alleviate the stress and pain in mind, body or soul. This is shared and experienced for participants in a wide variety of ways.

Lord of Life maintains a Prayer list with those who are chronically ill always remembered and those with temporary setbacks added and subtracted from the list as needs unfold. This list is prayed publicly at all worship services and then sent home with worshipers so they may continue to pray and add their support to those in need throughout the week. Call us or e-mail us with your specific prayer needs and we'll add yours to our heartfelt list.

Please pray for:

  • Ira Yoder - had emergency surgery January 1st. Pray for strength, healing and comfort for Gene.

  • Harold Lester had surgery to remove cancerous mass. Pray for strength and healing.

  • Carole Horton - recent successful surgery. Now at facility for rehab. Pray for healing.

  • Louise Russell - diagnosed with beginning kidney disease. Taking classes for proper diet. Pray for guidance and proper treatment.

  • Alice Olson - back on medication for trouble breathing. Pray for strength and healing.

  • Connie Lowe - passed to eternity November 2017. Pray for peace and comfort for the family.

  • Karen Ptacek home damage due to water pipe leakage. Pray for peace and comfort while getting things back in order.

  • Kathy Bickel biopsy shows lung cancer small cell and contained. Will have surgery to remove it. Pray for healing.

  • Katherine Ward - having back problems and will see an orthopedist soon. Pray for pain relief.

  • Lord of Life Pray that God's abounding love continue to be present in all pieces of our life together. May all of our various ministries be filled with the Spirit as we go forth proclaiming God's good news to all we encounter.

Prayer Requests

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