1982 Pastor Bruce Ayers comes to Hope Lutheran Church in Riverside, and recognized that Moreno Valley, then Sunnymead, is a promising mission field for a new church.
1984 The Nason Street property is purchased by the American Lutheran Church.
Summer 1984 Pastor Jim Shimota arrives in Sunnymead. A steering committee of five persons is formed. Initial gathering at the home of Willie & Pearl Rasmussen.
August 1984 First service of worship held at Sunnymead school, with about 40 persons in attendance.
September 1984 Worship services are moved to Moreno Elementary School.
March 24, 1984 Lord of Life becomes an officially chartered congregation of the American Lutheran Church. There are 120 signers of the charter. A Church Council is elected.
1985 Opened a church office in rented space at St. Christopher's. Mary Jean Pavelich begins as volunteer office coordinator.
January 1986 Pastor Jim Shimota resigns.
January 1986 Pastor Robert Larsen, retired, becomes interim pastor.
February 1986 The architectural firm of E. Warren Bruce of Riverside is hired to do the formal planning and design for our church building.
July 13, 1986 Pastor Eric Reinhard conducts his first service as Pastor of Lord of Life.
July 1, 1988 Pastor Reinhard conducts his last service at Lord of Life.
August 1988 Pastor Robert Larsen again comes to serve as interim pastor.
January 8, 1989 Pastor Jay Lane conducts his first service as pastor of Lord of Life.
March 1990 Lord of Life celebrates its fifth anniversary as a congregation.
Summer 1990 Church office is moved to the "Upper Room" of Moreno Valley Tile.
December 16, 1990 Groundbreaking for new church at 13600 Nason Street.
October 27, 1991 First worship service in new church facility. Service of Dedication.
January 5, 1992 Sunday morning schedule to include two worship services.
October 1992 Lord of Life celebrates the first anniversary of the church building dedication.
December 1995 Pastor David Miller called as pastor of Lord of Life.
December 1995 - January 1997 Arrears campaign over 14 months removes interest arrears on mortgage.
2000 15th Anniversary celebration at Benedict Castle.
2000-2002 Jubilee Campaign in Pacifica Synod reduces mortgage principal by over $200,000.00.
2002-2003 Praise getaway Thursday services begin.
2005 Gala 20th Anniversary celebration at Benedict Castle.
2005 Mortgage, once nearly $1 million, approaching $500,000.
June 2006 Pastor David H. Miller retired.
June 2006 Pastor Kenneth Davis becomes interim pastor.
June 2007 Pastor Kenneth Davis conducts his last service at Lord of Life.
August 2007 Pastor Charles Malloch becomes interim pastor.
June 2008 Pastor Shane Freiberg called as Pastor of Lord of Life.
August 3, 2008 Pastor Shane Freiberg preaches his first sermon.
2010 Gala 25th Anniversary celebration at Benedict Castle.
August 11, 2010 Pastor Shane Freiberg resigns as pastor for Lord of Life.
September 2010 Pastor Charles Malloch comes back as interim pastor.
February 2013 Pastor Yutaka Kishino becomes interim pastor for Lord of Life.
2015 Gala 30th Anniversary celebration at Benedict Castle.
April 2016 Pastor Carol Reed called as Pastor for Lord of Life.

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